agia galini harborAgia Galini is a picturesque seaside village on the southeastern coast of the prefecture of Rethimno and it is located 58km far from the town of Rethimno and 68km far from the city of Heraklion. In the village you can admire the amazing natural environment and enjoy its mild climate. The current population is approximately 1.000 residents. It is built along the slopes and up into the hills and all the houses offer panoramic views over the Libyan Sea.

Agia Galini is one of the most well-known tourist resorts in Crete. The first tourists started visiting the village in the 60s and since then it has been a favourite destination for all. It is the ideal place for both family holidays and entertainment.


agia galini beachThe beach in Agia Galini is beautiful with crystal clear water, sheltered from the winds and strong currents. It spreads in the east part of the village, 200m off the harbour.






agia-galini-neightThere is a wide variety of taverns and restaurants as well as bars and caf├ęs which are the center of the night life of Agia Galini. You can go for a refreshing swim, do water-sports or go hiking in the mountains around the village.





Daedalus and Icarus

You can also visit the cave of Daedalus where, according to legend, Daedalus with his son Icarus hid during their persecution by king Minoas. Finally, they managed to fly to freedom using makeshift wings made of wax.

The rock from which Daedalus and Icarus began their flight is located on the right side of the harbour overlooking the sea reminding us of their doomed journey. Today, on this rock there are two statues, those of Daedalus and Icarus while preparing for their flight. There is also a little amphitheatrically built theatre.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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